Darkest Star

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In years gone by a woman was judged on her needle work . I like the idea of using a traditional discipline in a contemporary way. When producing a canvas I have a basic outline of what I want to achieve. I then 'freestyle' using thread as you would use paint or a pencil to sketch out an idea , adding texture, giving another dimension . A different surface to reflect or absorb light.

My partner Andy and I wanted to combine our talents , draw on our experience and work together. So we launched Darkest Star. Born from the love of art, design and passion for hand crafted products that have a narrative: a story to tell.

We chose to focus our attentions on handbags. They satisfy our desire to produce functional and beautiful products and they act as the perfect canvas for our artwork and ideas.
Sculptural and sleek yet dark and menacing, the Paphiopedilum orchid, commonly known as the 'ladies slipper,' intrigues me. Cultivated in 1927, I have studied the flower from the first sign of bud to the glory of full bloom and then watched it slowly wilting to final decay. Darkest Star is not fashion led. '1927-The Study of an Orchid’ is an evolving project. We will be adding product design as it develops.


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