November Skies

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For stargazers everywhere November skies will not disappoint. In the 11th month we are at the 300° mark of our journey around the sun. The nighttime skies are cooler, darker and more transparent. A great backdrop for the full moon in Taurus on the 2nd.
The Taurus moon will appear just below the Pleiades’ star cluster, also known as the seven sisters. This month’s lunacy is about friendships and hopefulness. Desires are more reserved now for meals with loved ones and social gatherings. There is always a feast after harvest, and social graces and intuitive conversations are enhanced.
As Jupiter’s path moves southerly, the brilliant and glowing red planet Mars takes the stage. Entering the constellation of Leo, Mars will station itself at the heart of the Beehive star cluster. You will want your binoculars! Star clusters were once nebulae packed with elemental gas and particles, the stars in a cluster are held together by radiation from the remaining resources of the nebulae.
LOOK UP! Another galactic sized meteor shower is on its way! November 17th is when the annual Leonid shower peaks. These shiny shooting stars hail from the Comet 55p/Tempel Tuttle. This year the earth passes through the debris field of this comet and the rate of meteors can reach up to 100 comets per hour! The moon will be new, and the sky will be very dark and very deep for observation. Bundle up campers and head outside for this one, you won’t be disappointed.
Though not all constellation stars are related, the stars that form the Big Dipper were born in the same nebulae and share a synchronous gravitational orbit. In other words, these stars move together across the sky. The Big Dipper of Ursa Major now sets deep on the horizon and is submerged in the celestial soup.

UP UP with people! There is no revolution without a revelation. The month of November is all about power and the complex definition of it. With Mars, Jupiter and Pluto at the head of the table it is important we trade our natural reactions for the learned ones. We are all dealing with an urge to remove evil from the ranks. Interestingly enough, this is an election month.
We are likely to be courageous with our sense of justice, humanity always benefits when people form alliances that represent social and moral obligations. There is danger in acting as an impersonal collective however and we must behave the way we wish to be treated.
Our moral sense comes from deep rooted instinctual psychic energy. Long ago, as we traded more of our instinctual self for the will, we acquired inner standards, a sense of duty and social virtue. This is the lesson of Saturn this month: We have learned that structure is needed to maintain and demonstrate justice. It is important to recognize our personal conscience and exercise control when we feel our own power surging through our veins, and it will. Our nervous systems will be busy adjusting to many fight or flight responses this month, I suggest B vitamins.
The will is equivalent to the resistance offered to it: all things create their equal and opposite force. Pain is resistance to the will of change always. The outer planets, Uranus and Pluto are representative of our collective ideology ~the supra-personal. Their combined energy this month infers that we are adjusting feelings to thoughts. This is healthy, the amalgamation of personal pain and experience allows for empathy toward others and the world community. The greater good has a dimension of sacrifice to it yet the truth is also that participation and service are what serves us. Our need to be needed can be satisfied by this desire to reach out.
Neptune is our liberator this month, our personal conscience will only answer to conscience. We know that the soap box is made out of soap! When people are pre-occupied~ the power mongers move. We are not so gullible now, there are forces of transformation at work and power at the expense of others will no longer be seen as power. We are to recognize what we assume others are doing for us, and learn to ask ourselves to tend to those moral obligations. Old habits die hard, yes…and new ones take their place.
Power and moral are intertwined this month. We are to recognize that power is not force. Force consumes to exist…power does not use force, it is. The will power of humanity is innately beyond biological survival drives and it represents a consciousness. I am positive we can acquire true manna, an inflation of the ego that is beneficial to all humanity.

Tend to your good selves and remember that love travels at light speed.

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