December Skies

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Celestial Season’s Greetings
December is the month of celebration! The world traditions date back nearly 4000 years. Our ancient ancestors, guided by celestial cycles have imbued this month with time honored allegory, lore, philosophy and religion. It is a righteous time for generosity and reverence.
The winter solstice is exactly on December 21st and is our most significant celestial marker. Celebrated in every culture around the world, it is the longest and darkest night. Evidenced by monoliths in Scotland, Ireland, England, Pakistan, Iran, Tibet, China, Europe and the Americas, the longest night was considered by the ancients to represent the death and rebirth of the Sun. Ancient temples, kivas and churches all contain structures called meridian lines, designed to track and observe the Sun’s path across the sky. Before electricity life revolved and evolved along this celestial road.
The winter solstice is also called “the pregnant night”. Rituals were divined to fight the darkness within, medieval solstice carols tell of generosity, forgiveness, letting go of burden, bygones and second chances. So influential was this moment in time that 1600 years ago the “rebirth of the sun” also became synonymous with “the birth of the son”.
During the shortest day and the longest night, many of us come to realize that the Sun does not shine for itself….and so, neither do we.

Astrologically Speaking
December opens with a full moon in Gemini. We may find ourselves agreeable and more likely to find diplomacy in our back pockets. This is a perfect adjunct to the celestial season we are about to attend. Astrologically, the main point now is that “it is what it is”, happiness allows for the adverse symmetry of all things. Many suffer from their own beliefs and convictions and this will be the theme for moral and emotional development now. The planetary configurations suggest a guided insight to help replace the creed of habit: Education being the persuasion not the force.
Personal freedom is in play, and we will struggle for it. Loved ones will offer us the insight to understand that the social obligation to conform is because freedom is guaranteed by the whole.
It was 400 years ago that Galileo begged the Aristocracy to look through the telescope and see for themselves the majesty of creation. As of September 9, 2009 we are receiving images from the refurbished and upgraded Hubble Space Telescope. These are your photos too and it is important to be amazed. Go ahead… look.

A comment about the foreshadowing fear mongers of prophesy
This winter solstice marks the remaining three years of the Piscean age. It is true that on December 21, 2012 the poles of the earth will complete a wobble of three degrees thereby pointing us back toward the constellation of Sagittarius, as it was nearly 6500 years ago. The stellar re-alignment of the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Hopi and Anasazi Kivas, the Mayan ruins and many, many more ancient temples will reflect this. It is true that the sun has reversed its magnetic poles and may cause some Earth based phenomena yet it is also true that this happens throughout all of time. We should note that the ancient sciences were not separate from the mythology of their time.
In 2012 the Age of Aquarius will begin its astrological season moving us from our emotional evolution toward our enlightened conscious evolution. Personality will serve the soul more and more in the coming years and that is good for all.
It is incredibly important to recognize that the religious texts of the Bible, the Talmud, The Quran and the Nostradamus articles specifically left their last page blank, this was intentional. The blank page signifies that it is un-written. Time will not end because the Mayans decided not to calculate time beyond their own processional age of equinoxes. To be responsible to the collective unconsciousness of humanity, let us consider that heaven on earth is an option too. Let us not predict and fixate on doomsday, instead let us collectively give the universe more profound options to choose for manifestation. Option, not prophecy is the challenge to our evolution.
Love travels at light speed and there are no straight lines in the Universe, space is curved, all things return to their source. Happiest of Holy Days to all.
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