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“the overwhelming song of cicadas rubbing their wings together in unison.”


I am in Costa Rica. I am in paradise. I have driven over mountains and sweeping valleys and along with 11 other people including six children and five adults we are staying in a mansion perched on the side of a mountain overlooking Dominical. Located on Costa Rica’s amazingly beautiful Central Pacific coastline, the small village of Dominical is a surfer’s paradise. The horizon is staring back at me with indifference and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore below creates a constant backdrop of relaxation. The birds sing lazy in the tree having animated conversations with each other. The cicadas are humming at a constant. It’s the first sound that I noticed as we left the civilian center and rolled into the mountaintops of Cost Rica; the overwhelming song of cicadas rubbing their wings together in unison. At points it seemed as if the cicadas were breathing in and out with me – it was tangible. There are black birds here with bright red bellies and they are arresting and beautiful dancing in the trees. I have also seen numerous iguanas sunning themselves hanging precariously from branches trying to catch bugs in the afternoon sun. We have been scuba diving with schools of fish and whale watching on a double-decked boat. Dominical is beautiful. The fruit is plentiful. The sun shines bright and the people are friendly, hospitable and proud of their land. If you need a moment in the sun to decompress from the rat race, get yourself to Costa Rica!

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