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DVine, Ltd
Symbolic charms & amulets of a DiVine Mind, Infinite Possibility, abundance and so much more
I leapt at the opportunity to have the debut launch of the DVine line of charms and amulets be in the May issue of the Urban Campfire.   
I have Designed and manufactured a line of symbolic charms and amulets to raise the awareness of the cup from its mundane, over looked standing to its iconographic status as the ultimate symbol of the woman, the transmutation of the Primordial Vessel recognized in the creation theory of many cultures and one half of the cyclical energy charge apparent in the laws of nature, yin energy.
I cannot think of a more thoughtful and memorable gift for a mother or any woman for that matter. For over 10 years now I have been hard at work to bring the concept of benefits of meditation on and the recognition of symbols
to fruition.  
We hope to suggest that the acts of preparing (tea), offering, serving, sharing, are benevolent in nature and are passionately linked to cultivating a meditative and tranquil mind and that our signature charms and logo are the perfect keepsake and memento of time spent in this way. Wear the charms or carry them as an amulet and experience an empowering, protective Divine and feminine energy.  
We aim to succinctly convey the message of a tranquil and Divine mind with the swirling D, graceful leaf and dot logo while the teacup charm remains as a keepsake and memento of time spent with a friend, and the reciprocal law of nature to give and receive.
Sensation is conveyed with symbols and logos. We see sensation, rather than definitions as a unifying and peaceful way for many to share and rejoice in. To this end we hope that the cup or a symbol of it and our signature logo become the icons for a movement of sharing and healing.
Honor the wOMan – every day.  Reveal your awareness of this and wear or carry a teacup charm.
In lieu of our paypal accepting website being in proper working order please find our most current ‘line sheet’ for an idea of suggested retail pricing. Urban Campfire readers pricing will be quoted wholesale costs.  Please contact me, D, via phone: 212.353.0578 or e-mail: [email protected] to arrange for gift wrapping and handling.

Donna Goldman
Charm Dsigner
The Empress of Tea & Healing

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