Marina at the MOMA

Olimpia Dior Issue: Section:

The moment I am writing this text there are only 4 days left before Marina will be gone
from her omnipresence in NYC. ( may 31st 2010)
I tried to look into her eyes 4 times, each time spending about 4 hours waiting in
the line. It didn’t happen.
I wasn’t persistent enough, deep inside I started to believe that If I meet Marina in my life I want to look into her eyes in a more private situation, without being observed by the crowd.
The Room in Moma lit by eight 1000 watts Arri lights and rectangular space separated by line painted on the floor with Marina sitting motionless in front of a Stranger
having silent conversation.
It is an altar in Moma.

Environment so cinematic and her presence so desirable.
The grand success of this exhibition proves the human need for enlightenment
(to be found inside Marina's eyes) or public manifestation of feelings in the spot lights ...etc,etc;
Why is it that everyone walking into Marina's room is hypnotized  by the need to look into her eyes?
Everybody in the room paricipates.
Even you reading it now participate in Marina's revolution.
The urge of solving the Mystery of looking into someone's eyes.  
How long it is going to take us to understand what really happened in
Moma between March and May MMX...???

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