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June is filled with surprises and radical change. Friendships old and new will help set the stage for the optimism emerging from within. In the month of June the maternal yin instincts of spring give way to the paternal yang forces of summer. As the parent of your thoughts, you will have to learn to let them go.

Personal ambition is on the rise and we may need a reminder to respect the past as you embrace your future. Loyalty to friends plus our expectations of new ones will reveal the nature of our optimism. Remain patient and reverent with your extended family and they will preserve your ambitions.

The combined energies of Jupiter and Uranus this month can lift our eyes and align them with a vision for the future. The likely intense vibration in your gut is your potential: eccentric, ahead of itself and trying to get out. Uranus is the universe’s alarm clock and in its current position in the house of personal identity it will ceaselessly prioritize what is most sincere to your heart and wake you up to it. You will not have any power over this so do not struggle: seek only to be mindful of your reaction. You are being asked “What makes you come alive?” because the world needs it.

There is comfort in like mindedness, yet individual peace comes from being mindful that you are changing. Kismet is likely ~ surprises and a renewed sense of self can change your home, your partnerships and your options. Oh the places you’ll go. Enthusiasm is contagious and it identifies us with big ideals, for our reputation to mature we must not over extend ourselves.

Lao Tzu when speaking on the Tao notes that in order to remain on our path we must not be overly useful. “Humans cannot force change without hurting themselves.” This is the month it will be hardest but most important to stay focused. Our energy must be treated as power, with proper respect and use.

As you gather round the campfire this summer, an ageless and wise ceremony, throw old thoughts into the fire of honor and bath in the warmth of the light until it has no more to show you. Then it will be dawn.

If you would, as you are mesmerized by the flames and shadows, please send up a mindful thought to the waters of Earth for recovery and purification.

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Michelsen, N. :American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2nd Edition (1997)

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