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July is the month of many points of view; introspective, retrospective, perspective. The Solar System heavyweights; Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will stand watch in retrograde to ensure that the intense energy focused on our personal and collective identity is not wasted.

Though we do not like to repeat ourselves, this will likely be the root of our frustration this month. Consider it a gift to our personality for any real change is gradual and slow: repetition is the only way to tell the ego that haste makes waste.

July is mysterious because we are filled with the idea that there is something inside of us so great that no one would believe it. It may seem that we are fated to do the same old thing but we do so because we feel safer with a predictable outcome. This valuable wisdom is fear of the unknown but unfortunately it has become a habit. We may be wondering how failing systems can still be used as a guide for reason: consider that it is because we know it and can predict it. Real change is hard for everyone because it requires a leap of faith and many are inclined to work with only what is known: regardless if it holds us back.

Avoiding repetition means venturing into the unknown. One of the reasons this is difficult is that the potential for rebellion is great and progress requires that we share similar principles. There is no way to calculate the risk but we must rise above the heaviness of our fear.

I call this month dynamics antics because of the danger of hypocrisy. Honesty is found when we can experience ourselves without the truth being dependent on material existence. When we can do that we will not want only for personal gain, we will want it for everyone. A zealot wants all to experience what they have experienced yet hypocrisy does not recognize that the same experience comes in different forms for everyone: Epiphany is unique to the individual and cannot be dictated, it is to be observed in the changes it brings to the individual.

On a personal dynamic our elation will affect all relationships because love is at the heart of change. The planet Venus leaves the drama and attractive neediness of Leo behind as she moves into Virgo, the house of cool analytic reasoning. It is not a change of heart but a truth about relatedness, not all lovers started as friends…but it is friendship that bonds lovers. The heart of any relation goes back to a simple fact: Is this a friend? The answer to that question will provide clarity as to the worthiness of our efforts. Honesty does not threaten love or friendship.

Aspects of opposition between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn signify the midpoint between material personality and spiritual identity. This is a proverbial see-saw, we are torn between our need to serve and contribute and the fear we will end up becoming a mere function. There will be highs and lows between the meaning of our actions and our desire for recognition. Idealism and realism must be kept together, if not we will experience the nature of grace in the form of humility. We are brought to our knees as easily as we are elated which is why our identity is so important now. A true King is a servant of the people; it is the well being of those in our care that provides power to the throne. Power is not force and we are weary from the tolerance of medieval ideas about it in this stage of our development.

We are charged with anticipation so it is very important to understand that our actions can turn to apathy without patience. Aspects to Mars represent powerful and instinctive drives that will require moderation. The obstacle is to be constructive, to create a world that competes for better ways of life instead of personal gain. Opposites do not exist alone and for this month’s ride on the see-saw I highly recommend Vitamin C to cleanse the blood: this fiery energy can make for bad tempers….and bad tempers are accident prone.

Though it may feel repetitive, July’s planetary configuration provides a catalyst for major changes in our world. With introspection we can find the unwrapped presents in ourselves, with retrospect we may come to laugh at how seriously we take our mistakes and with new perspectives we allow for more light in our eyes.
What do you “spect”?

Astronomically Speaking
In July the stage is set for some spectacular planetary observation. Venus, Mars and Saturn will align themselves in plain view by the 15th. Just after sunset rising above the crescent moon you will find them chasing each other across the sky.
For those of us in the South Pacific and parts of South America a total Solar Eclipse will occur during the daytime on July 11th. The moon is slow this month so it will completely block the sun for up to 5 minutes. The indigenous of this region on earth will no doubt consider the prolonged period of darkness prophetic, and they should.
The moon will be full on July 25th in the visionary sign of Aquarius. This will complement Venus as she withdraws her affection and turns it to compassion. It is a break from the weight of emotion we all will need. This moon will shine light onto our emotional shadows and release them to the dark.
On the morning of July 28th the Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks, but the Aquarian full moon will allow for only the brightest to get through to us. The light of the moon is the gate keeper and will outshine most. This complements the need to keep out what is irrelevant to both mind and heart.

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