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“We are… the other band, the one that gets on the stage with large eagle puppets on sticks, while acting like wrestlers being chased by paparazzo. ”


(editorial note: PRIMA went in and added her two cents.)
Hello, we are PRIMA PRIMO, an electro/visual band living in New York City. In all simplicity, we are maternal cousins who have become, in the brain wave sense of the term, some kind of visual/musical/cousin/duo/twin type thing. For nearly the past eight years we have been known as PRIMA PRIMO, but in all truth our story begins from childhood... way before this. Our band name was born at the intersection of East 6th Street and Avenue B.
–“Remember Candelabra, Destiny’s Valentine? What else? Well all the many other names we had”?
As children, we would get to stay with our Grandparents during Easter and Summer Vacations, usually involving road trips.
–“For me those road trip vacations were heavenly, probably because I got to laze around the whole time, and you…because you’re a boy, would have to do all the work. You had to fetch all the water or firewood. ”
We were always loaded with a boom box-
-“Or a tiny little mono cassette player”.
-and too many hours staring at the wide open spaces. From around the ages of seven or eight, we began singing along to Care Bear cassette tapes together.

-“Yeah, the Care Bears, so cute. You think you can remember the choreography to our Care Bear concert?”
The Bears led the way to albums by Tears For Fears, Duran Duran, New Order, Madonna, Siouxsie & the Banshees and a million things we found on the local radio stations.
-“Don’t forget Oingo Boingo and Exposé…those albums were key”.
Very quickly we grew into the kids who would draw up band logos and work on our lyrics while our grandparents would take in the local scenery.

-“You mean when I wasn’t busy yacking from trying to read and write in a moving car?
It’s funny to now see that the main thing that separates us from the kids we were, is the glitter and well, maybe the camper.
-“You mean motor-homes and I’m thinking we should tour in one…wow…our grandparents must’ve owned over 40 different motor homes throughout their lives! I always liked exploring new ones…discovering their individual design factors”
When one is in an electro band it takes a little extra something to be taken seriously in a world filled with bands wielding their various instruments on stage in fits of ‘jamness’.
-“It’s great and I admire that in some bands, and it’s something you might see from us. Truck or van donor?”

We are… the other band, the one that gets on the stage with large eagle puppets on sticks, while acting like wrestlers being chased by paparazzo.
- “I say we are star umbrella, drone mask wielding, story-tellers, aiming to empower individualism and to celebrate the creativity that comes from it. We work to create an enchanting, beautiful atmosphere, while singing our stories to you. “
We want our band to send out vibrations of hope, and perseverance, it’s the Mexican in us.
-“Our native culture is also why we have so much conviction for our words… I think we’ve found a way of really celebrating with people while performing on stage, dancing and opening doors for creation for those around us. It’s all you need to feel good up there.”

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