September Skies

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It sure is a great time for campfires! The Virgo Sun soothes us with her cool breezes as the summer sets to make way for the fall. The skies grow darker as Orion and the Dippers take their place on the horizon to herald in the new season.

Mercury keeps close to the Sun this month, comfortable and at home in the house of Virgo. The messenger will be in retrograde through the 12th and signals that this is a time for practical intellect: to focus on what can be done and ignore what cannot.
Venus and Mars also show affinity and travel close together for the whole month, this is visible in the night sky. The dynamic duo combine their essence and inspire generosity and willingness to make change. It will be wise policy this month to make all intentions clear. Sincerity is supported by honesty and since the air is infused with Venusian-style romance, it will help to not underestimate the responsibility of our inspired natures and words. Relationships in business and personal arenas are in focus, seek like mindedness because there are chances to take and support is needed.
Venus descends in the Eastern sky making way for the rise and shine of Jupiter. Jupiter maintains the law of expansion and preservation both in our solar system and in our collective consciousness. It is in the quiet waters of Pisces that Jupiter expands and aligns with goals of self-healing and self-realization. Aspects to Pluto, the Sun and Saturn suggest further inquiry into health care stratifications and insensitivities. The greatest strength to offer here is to listen: it will become evident that the truth is more powerful than the fiction.
The Fall Equinox is infused with planetary energy: the Sun and Moon reach opposition on the 22nd and Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn form complimentary aspects to the Sun as well. This unique combination suggests intense emotion and sensation throughout the nervous and lymphatic systems. Our sensitivities and reactions will make evident that the virtue of human relations is not based on intellect alone. The power of love endures beyond emotion and intellect and it transforms all wounds into virtues.
There is emphasis on relieving emotional sickness and since Virgo is the Medicine Man we are in good hands. The Sun’s move into Libra the educator on the 23rd coincides with the full moon in Aries: this combination of balance and courage will help us to cross proverbial bridges and reach the meaning of our sensitivities. The heart is a muscle and naturally it wouldn’t be sore if it wasn’t getting a workout. With healing comes capacity and endurance, we feel stronger, more in control of ourselves, more alive and with more give. The diamond is cut and the light is focused in many more ways.
Teach what you know and the meaning for it will become clear.

Astronomy bit…
If you did not get a chance to view last month’s Perseid meteor show no fret… September skies from the 1st through the 3rd are hosting the after- hours show. Though less flashy, the Alpha Aquarid meteor showers remain slow and steady from around 2 to 4 AM.
This month’s focus on generosity and healing is a reminder of how important our emotions are to our mental and physical wellbeing. A system out of balance will continuously compensate other systems until the imbalance is corrected. Emotions have recordable effect on every cell in the body: it is always helpful to the immune system to think better of yourself and the world. We are precious miracles, we are stardust, we are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of us.
The Sun uses nuclear fusion, the heart uses nuclear fusion.
There are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way; there are 100 billion neurons in the brain.
There are 365 days in a year; there are 365 accu-pressure points in the body.
There are 12 months in a year; there are 12 meridians to the central nervous system.
The earth is 86% water; the body is 86% water.


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