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“The Organization was created to be a petry dish of culture, and to this end it's manifesting”

Richard and Dorothea Tyler arrived on E 4th Street, from Chicago (not directly), some time in the late 50's.   They moved into the building which you (The Urban Campfire - 332 East 4th) live in , and through their association with the Rabbi Lagner acquired the building 328 and then 326. They used the buildings, like the previous owners, as a house dedicated to the individual study and communal practice of the religious. The First Gnostic Lyceum in New York was established 1974, on the premises of the old shoul, 328 East 4th.
The building was constructed c. 1860, and i feel that it was a cold water flat, outfitted for gas, primarily.   Now the building...needs an upgrade, which is coming!

Richard was an extraordinary being, born under the sign of Fire Tiger, Taoist calendar. Dorothea says that the Organization was his magna opus, an extraordinary accomplishment of vision.   He was a real person, with many hats, and many loves.   He loved Orientalist ideas, he was a man of deep knowledge and humor.   He sold chapbooks at Judson Church,  ran religious ceremonies, healed through Traditional Tibetan Tattooing, was a delicate trickster, woodblock, warrior, peacemaker,poet, heavy drinking, smoking, sugar loving.... he is tremendously loved.  

We are Uranian, related to the planetary body/force known as Uranus, ruler of the intuitive function. Uranus is our planetary guide, but really everything is based on available cosmological identification, pointing always to the singularity of the Universe at large.   So you could say that we are neo-universalists.

The main premises are: 1) a life of creative documentation of one's life  2) practicing music and dance as a community

There is a certain emphasis placed on the model of the 8 fold path of Buddhism, and an orientation toward a form of applied Astrology.   The Organization was created to be a petry dish of culture, and to this end it's manifesting.    There was a Utopian  aspect, communal , and from the UP's inspiration spawned other artist organizations like  Bullet Space, Umbrella Squat, ABC No Rio, The Bread and Puppet Theater... 
Our organization is moving to an Uptown Manhattan neighborhood called Hamilton Heights.  There the Uranian Embassy will reestablish the work of 22 creatives. may the Force support our Move!





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