Who Needs Tuscany?

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“Still largely undiscovered by tourists, this region is a jewel”

I have been to Italy a few times, the usual expected places: Rome, Milan, Tuscany. So when my friend Maurizio invited me to stay with his family in the South of Italy I jumped at the offer.

Salento is as far south as you can go in the region of Puglia, right down at the tip of the heel.
Still largely undiscovered by tourists this region is a jewel. Maurizio owns a few small houses dating back 150 years. Known as a Pajaras, these small stone houses sit on organic vegetable farms surrounded by lush fig and olive trees.
The Beaches are stellar, swimming at Acquaviva cove happens to be my personal favorite, jumping off rocks into crystal blue water, sunbathing under shady trees while slugging back an ice cold beer.
If you fancy an authentic Italian vacation I would truly recommend Salento in a heartbeat, half the price of Tuscany and ten times the credibility. Brindisi airport services all the region of Puglia.

For further information check out Maurizio’s website. http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/castro-marina/111673 If he is in town, organized tours are available to many off the beaten track locations only a local would have access to.
Keep in mind the best time to go is May –July and Sept –Oct, basically skip August when the whole of Italy decides to take a vacation.


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