Doha Tea Party

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In order to improve Anglo - American relations would all please note that the following etiquette and protocol should be followed until further notice:


High Tea is to be only taken after 5PM.  This is not a seated event. however only consumption of highly sought after cakes and fancies are permitted.  Please dress appropriately.


Low Tea is to be taken up to and before 4PM and is to be seated.  This can be taken with savories and fancies and tea cakes.  Doilies and cloths may be required when seated. Official Low Tea dress may only be worn during this time.  Afternoon tea wear is not permitted.


Please note that Afternoon Tea is not to be confused with HIGH TEA OR LOW TEA.  Afternoon tea can only be taken in the Afternoon.  When not taking High Tea or Low Tea, please refer to this as Afternoon Tea.

During all Teas substitute drinks may be permitted to improve Anglo - American relations.  Correct cupping should be observed at all times.  The extension on the little finger during cupping may only be used if in the appropriate attire.

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