Love Speak

Cresta Kruger Issue: Section:

Sestina on Modern Day Love

Into a fortunate shadow I Fell,
I was happy not to be caged-in.
One never knows the outcome of love--
there are too many silhouettes to play with.
A million tangible melodies and a
superior, silver, double-scaled fish.

Yes, I fell in love with a fish,
though I am not sure if I really Fell
or if the current of life is a
weight that measures my cup in
her constant deliberation, messing with
my wishes to descend into love.

Oh, what is it that I truly love?
It most certainly could not be a fish;
I would have no one to share my thoughts with!
All of the wonderful things I have found would Fall.
There would be no human being love-in,
no masquerade, no dangle of cherries. A

funeral riptide stepped in and stole a
brimmer pot of my pedestrian love
and now I must dream of quiet in
a gentle, gleaming goldfish--
he, who does not know how I Fell,
nor minds the others I have been with.

Oh odious days contemplating my life with-
out the fanciful lover who played a
role so fantastic that she Fell
deep below the observed laws of love
and captured in her net a fish
and a not-at-all world that she could never live in.

I am a dishonest nun praying to your fin,
awash in a million pretty sonnets with
a beginning, a middle, and a silver fish.
Count me out when the law claims a
hold on my tempest-brewing love.
Let it be known that yes, I surely Fell.

Most people will never know if they Fell in.
I had to throw you back. Now, I am alone with
the divinations of a nun and the open mouth of a fish.

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