Ophiuchus: A Sign of the Times

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It can be said that many are awaiting or seeking a sign. The rise of the constellation Ophiuchus on the plane of our ecliptic offers the people of planet Earth an expanded point of view and more information. It is important to reason the science with the credence of our own transcendental thoughts so first let me explain the Astronomy of it.
Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer is a fixed star constellation, one of 144 that comprise the galactic hemisphere we observe relative to our position. It is important to distinguish Astronomy from Astrology here: Astrology is based on the Sun’s annual path across fixed or cardinal points on Earth. The Zodiac is based on four seasons, The Lion, The Bull, The Man & The Eagle. Each season has three zodiacal ages equating to 90º of the Earth’s annual path around the Sun. The Astrological Zodiac is fixed by the five cardinal points: Aries/Equinox, Cancer/Solstice, Libra Equinox, Capricorn/Solstice and the Magnetic Poles. These points of reference are relative only to the path of the Sun and Earth.
The fixed star constellations shift in relation to the Earth’s equinoctial points by 1º every 72 years (Ptolemy). The shift of constellations from or into view is a result of the Precession of Equinoxes. This cosmic clockwork is a set of cycles that take 25, 920 years to complete and is known as the Great or Platonic Year. In current space time we are at the end of a Platonic Year. The Precessional cycles of Earth on its Axis Munde cause a wobble at the poles resulting in a shift of the axis by degree over time and a magnetic re-orientation of the poles along equatorial and ecliptic planes. The current (1980 – 2016) notable alignment of our equatorial planes toward the Northern Hemisphere and the reveal of the constellation Ophiuchus along the Sun’s path is the result of a shift of the Earth’s axis toward the galactic center caused by the Precession of Equinoxes.
The Sun’s annual path across Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer was not observable from our prior angular orientation yet has always been there. This constellation was known to our ancestors and is distinctly recorded in the Sumerian and Mayan astronomical records and texts. The Sumerians calculated that the current Precessional Season of the Bull began 6,444 years ago; this is concurrent with the Mayan calculation of 6500 years. The Earth’s poles shifted their position relative to the Galactic Center in 4,322 BCE and notably the Antarctic Polar Ice Cap was formed. Similarly, the Egyptians observed the Constellation of Hu (the Sphinx) on the horizon during the height of their civilization, the Precessional Season of the Lion, but during the polar shift to the Season of the Bull the constellation of Hu descended into the horizon and gave rise to Orion in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sphinx was then re-created on the Giza Plateau.
The Galactic Center is determined by overlaying the Earth’s equatorial points with the galactic plane. Known to many as the Divine Cross, the overlapping planes point to where the terrestrial and the celestial planes intersect and become one. The galactic center is estimated to lie between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius, profoundly; if you draw a line from the Scorpion’s tail to the Archer’s Bow you will find Ophiuchus in the center.

The 13th Perspective
Now let’s go down the rabbit hole and consider that there is no such thing as a quantum coincidence, the observer is a part of all realities.
The Sun crosses Ophiuchus between November 29th and December 17th, the house of the Zodiacal Sun sign Sagittarius. Symbolically, the Centaur, the Scorpion, the Sphinx and The Man and Serpent each represent the age old struggle of dualism: the holistic integration of the animal or reptile brain with the frontal lobe of man. Cosmically this is evolution by revolution.
Ophiuchus may not be the 13th sign of the Zodiac today but the Mayan and Sumerian calendars and all alchemical manuscripts were based on the lunar cycle of 13 months of 28 days each: the Mayan Zodiac has 13 signs one of which is Ophiuchus and is called “The Hidden Sign”. The Mayans predict the arrival of Ophiuchus at the end of the Baktun cycle and prophecy the return of an enlightened being (perhaps Quetzequatl) with a serpent rope arriving from the center of the galaxy to assist us in the integration of mental and conscious capacity with technology.
The Serpent Bearer has a profound relationship to the number 13. As it takes its place as the 13th constellation it is becoming harder to overlook the prophecies of the Mayans, Nostradamus, the Book of Revelation or the Kabala and their accurate depiction of astronomical events coinciding with world events. The references made by Nostradamus to the Earth-Sun relation in conjunction with the imagery of the “Lost Book” (author unknown) confirm that the rise of Ophiuchus signifies a time of both crisis and universal awareness.
The ability to predict planetary alignments requires substantial mathematical understanding: this amazing skill for precessional tracking is an astonishing part of the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan and Indian cultures. In each of these cultures, the return of Ophiuchus is coupled with the return of a planetoid to our solar system. The Mayans called it Tzoltze Ek, the Sumerians called it Niribu, the Judeans called it Wormwood and modern day astronomers call it Planet X. The orbital body is said to be 2-5 times the size of the earth and moves in an elongated orbit that passes the Sun every 2148 (Sumerian) or 2160 (Mayan) years. Ancient records and predictions suggest that the path of this planetoid affects the Earth’s magnetic poles and tectonic plates at every other pass, or every 4,296 years. It is important to note that whereas Pluto the furthest planetoid from our Sun is approximately 35 Astronomical Units (AU) from the Earth, Planet X is hypothesized to be orbiting at more than 235 AU and is scientifically still a hypothesis based on an un-predictable wobble observed in Uranus’ orbit by astronomers in 1821. Though the Sumerians and Mayans predict this orbiting body to have catastrophic effects we are not yet scientifically capable of blaming the recent tectonic plate shifts in India, Pakistan, Chile and Indonesia on the unknown.

Based on the lunar calendar of 13 months and 28 days the ancients were able to predict with accuracy our movement through time and space. In Numerology the number 13 means: to clean or purify, the death of the self and the birth of spirit. The last alignment of Earth’s pole with the Divine cross was 13,000 (Mayan) years ago (12,960 in Sumerian calculations).
The number 13 is known to theologians as theophanic, meaning a manifestation of God to man.
In the Kabala, 13 signifies the arrival of a new cycle: the thirteenth hour is also the first.
The number 13 is represented by the covenant of the twelve tribes of Israel with God and the twelve apostles with Jesus.
The Gnostic and the Magdalene scriptures speak of the 13 Gates of Woman. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary was Friday the 13th
The Fatima Message was given on the thirteenth of each month and completed by an apparition known as “The Miracle of the Sun” on October 13, 1917
The Assassination of the Knights Templar, who served the Virgin Mary, was on Friday the 13th
The 13th chapter of the Book of Revelations warns of a false prophet, the Anti-Christ
The 13th Chakra is where matter merges with light, the gate of Astral Projection.
There are 12 cosmological constants and 1 uncertainty principle in astrophysics
The rise of Ophiuchus at the gateway of the Galactic center may not equate to a new zodiacal season on Earth but as a sign of the times Ophiuchus has arrived on time, as predicted by both the math and the mythology. Though it may seem like determinism it is truly just cosmic clockwork. As it has ever been for mankind, it is the way in which we receive and handle information that is the cause and outcome of our transformation.
When we look at Ophiuchus, we are looking at the past as well as the future, the struggle between the Serpent and the Man is symbolic of the Earth based evolution of the frontal lobe (recent history) which gave rise to a conscious choice over an instinctual response. Both scientifically and spiritually we have another choice to make about who we choose to be: as long as we struggle to separate and dominate one part of the brain over the other we cannot integrate them holistically. It is important to remember that all light in heaven and on Earth is created by the merger of opposites.
~Janine Waldron

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