Over Reactor

Atsuko Quirk Issue: Section:

"I can always go back to my homeland - the safest place in the world."

Is your homeland safe? My country had the worst disaster in their modern history. Since the earthquake and the tsunami, my brain has been infested by poisonous ants. First, the species of ants were sadness, shock, and emotional. But after a few days, the new species came in. It was worries, fear, and, strange "insecureness" that I had never experienced. Because of the whole nuclear mess. Even after 9/11,when my husband survived being on the 44th floor of tower 2, I didn't have this strange "insecureness". It is such an untamed area of myself. I moved to New York CIty in 1993. Started at a language school, got a job, got a husband, got 2 kids. Now I noticed that my life in New York is so dependent on the feeling of "I can always go back to my homeland - the safest place in the world" BUT...... It may not be the safest place in the world anymore. That is really shaking me. How unsafe? I didn't know we have 55 nuclear reactors in Japan, which is the size of California State. The U.S. has 60. Almost all the nuclear plants are on a shore. One area has 17 reactors. There is a nuclear waste dump in the north end of Tohoku, which has 3000 tons of nuclear waste. That dump is full. If an earthquake hit the dump, or an airplane crashed into the dump, half of the earth could be dead. Even the mess that is going on right at this moment is going to effect many, many people in the world. My parents house is 120 miles from the nuclear plants. Well, 120 miles doesn't mean anything at this point. Now, I am getting better at dealing with those poisonous ants, getting better at working with my swiss cheese brain. Meditation, Mozart, write down what I appreciate today -- This whole disaster gave me the new point of view to my life. I hope this whole disaster helps people realize we seriously need greener energy sources. I pray for the brave people who are working at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. I pray for all the people who are affected, that they have a bright future.

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