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Hey There Urban Campfire readers. Bob Dagger here from highvibe.com
Just wanted to talk a little about some plants and herbs we use at lot of at High Vibe
This month I have one of my favorite South American plants "Chanca Piedra".

Wild Crafted Chanca Piedra

Latin name: Phyllautus niurr
English names: Leaf flower, Chamber bitter
Spanish name: Quebra Pedra

Chanca Piedra is a small plant growing up to 12 to 18 inches in height and indigenous to the rainforests of the Amazon Basin and to southern India and China.

Health Benefits of Chanca Piedra

--Assists in repelling foreign particles and other obstructions
--Helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys
--Provides relief for pain and inflammation
--Aids in optimal digestion
--Stimulates healthy menstrual flow
--Helps eliminate gallstones and kidney stones

How to Use Chanca Piedra

Brew as a tea--bring 3-4 cups of water to a boil, add 1 T of Chanca Piedra, simmer for 15 minutes, strain, and drink when cooled to your desired temperature.  Or place in a glass jar and leave in sun for a few hours and store in refrigerator after straining.

Contraindications of Organic Chanca Piedra

Individuals in the following situations should consult with a physician and/or herbalist;
Pregnant, Heart condition, using prescription diabetes medicines, high blood pressure medicines, diuretic drugs, or heart medications, hypoglycemic or diabetic.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Benefits of Chanca Piedra

Research has indicated Chanca Piedra can help relax urinary and bile tracts of someone taking the herb.  As a result, foreign particles are able to pass through the body much easier.  Research in the 1990's also demonstrated Chanca Piedra can help reduce the formation of obstructions in the gallbladder and kidney for optimal flow of internal fluids.

A 2002 study in India found that Chanca Piedra also helps increase bile secretion of the liver.  Extra bile helps the body digest foods and liquids more effectively so you can obtain greater nutrition and also eliminate waste more efficiently.

Researchers are still unsure of the exact chemicals or combination of chemicals that makes Chanca Piedra such an effective liver supplement.  Nonetheless, the herb has proven itself multiple times as an effective asset for promoting liver health.

Chanca Piedra has been used for generations by the peoples of the Amazon to promote the body's natural elimination of gallstones and kidney stones.

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