The Don Moves On

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Don Hill was a NYC rock icon and a consummate gentlemen.  I always knew Don as a friendly guy in an often not so friendly, often competitive club scene. He would always offer me a drink, ask me how the band was doing, and make sure i got in ok.  He was genuinely hospitable and charming.  Most club owners I know are all about making bar and the numbers.  Don was actually about the music.  He knew the music was the reason people came out, and he knew that the music was more powerful them him.  He was only a conduit, and he knew it.
I will miss this guy and will just think forward that those who follow in his footsteps will take a tip though never fill his shoes.  At a time when  New York rock and blues has made a comeback and the hipster is left is the dust, we can always remember that it all started with Don Hill's again in 2010-11. Don's memory will live on and he will be remembered as a mentor, friend and rock n roll champion.
(David Patillo)

Don was the benign ghostly overlord of, in my opinion, the longest standing relevant New York City nightclub in recent history. I also would say that he was, by far, the most interesting person to talk to after 1am in the Lower West Side. He will be missed.
(Simon O'Conner)

I met Don when he was mixing sound at Kenny's Castaways in 1975
playing with Michael Federal. He remained the same kind guy the whole
time I knew him and I saw him whenever we played Don Hills. Really sad!
(Bobby Siems)

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