Playing With Fire

Phoenix Freeley Issue: Section:

Most people think I am crazy cause I love to play with fire.
They are mostly right.

I was at my friend's wedding last saturday, and we all slept over at a hotel afterwards. Many people were staying to party the next day, but I had to leave to go to work.
The groom asked me what I was going to do for my job. They all expected something a little crazy, but when I told them I was going to put fire works on the tips of a bo staffand spin it around to rehearse for a gig I have with the incredible hulk. Well they all just about didn't believe me, but it is me, so they took it to be true.
I made a video as proof.
Here it is:

I have set just about everything on fire; fire staff/double staves, fire hula hoop, fire fans, fire palms, fire poi, fire balls, fire crown, and a fire skirt.
Along with my tongue, hand, lungs, knees, and many other body parts. I excel in fire eating and breathing.  

People ask me what my first experience with fire was all the time or what got me into it. I mean being named phoenix might have made it my pre-determined destiny,
but really it was the day I danced inside a burning temple that hooked me. There I was with bear feet, a mini skirt, tight shirt, and hair down to my behind,
dancing inside a flame that rose on all sides of me and over two stories high. My friends got scared and some even tried to stop me.
Most of them just watched in enjoyment and said to the worried ones, "it's phoenix!"
Well I got out of that one unscathed, pheww... I believe the fire gods and goddesses need a big THANK YOU for that one.

There are a million other stories, like the time we dosed gas on my hand and two of my guy friend's hands. Then I set my hand on fire and i high fived them and consequently set there hands on fire,
not my smartest move. Again all of us were unharmed.  Thank You Gods and Goddesses.

I have burnt myself plenty though.  I have a flawless safety record with everyone else, never harmed another soul, not even a venue,
but me, I have had fire burn me into my lungs, and could play an interesting game of connect the scars throughout my body,
each with their own story.

So please kiddies and adults alike, please do not play with fire, or ever try this at home, unless you are a trained professional or being trained by one.
We use special fuels, and many differnet kinds, each for a specific stunt, and without this knowledge,  you could get seriously hurt, die, or wind up with chemical pneumonia.

Time for my shameless plug,
I perform and teach, private and group lessons.
if you ever want to learn or be entertained!
again thank you for protecting me fire Gods and Goddesses, Iowe you big time!

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