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Like a Shark in Love With a Helicopter

A shark in love with a helicopter, Smokey slices through oceans like a superfuturistic Nemo, Their eyes following the metal bird as it chops its way through seemingly blue skies. For one year we've been building our shark vessel, songs power the ship. We have been working with artists from around the world on videos, paintings, photography, sculptures and digital art piecing them together like a strange puzzle to form the body of our shark machine. In an era of yachts and speedboats Smokey cruises beneath the waves glowing like an electric sea monster, causing ripples that have been disturbing the tides.

Smokey Robotic is not a band. We are a crew of musicians that are breaking new ground from a musical and artistic standpoint. We were set on fire and now we are setting everything else on fire.The 4 members include: Singer/songwriters Seer and Father Dude along with the multi-platinum production duo, !llmind and Konrad. We have created a genre of music they call "Superfuture," essentially a blend of hip-hop, soul, pop and electronic. Since starting the group 14 months ago, We've recorded over 200 songs, filmed 6 videos (in NY, Mexico, Vancouver, and LA) and collaborated with over 20 visual artists from around the world on paintings, photography, sculptures and digital art. These artists include Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields, Disney animator Tony Santo, world-renowned New Delhi-based artist Archan Nair and head art director of Saatchi, Carolyn Gargano.

Our work can be found can be found at and a link to our EP can be found below.

"Outside the Lines" EP:

“Razors and Balloons” Short Film

“SuperVicious” Short Film/Music Video:

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