August Stars

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August’s planetary activity infers a synthesis of the spiritual and physical natures in an effort to support the intellectual nature.

Mercury moves retrograde through the house of Leo and the matters of behavior and composure will be addressed. Venus will join Mercury at the end of the month to emphasize that bold and fearless requires emotional control & self-governance: the standard skills by which adolescence is judged as matured.

In personal and domestic matters it will be clear there is a lion in the house. It wishes for respect rather than fear: but it will take either. The Leonine heart is solar: a force that refines and cultivates growth.  This force, in the service of Love wishes to bring the heart to the head, and in the service of Justice seeks the strength to lift the darkness to the light.  .

The political and social arenas will continue to put forth many skilled opinions: the current indecision and cloudy ideals indicate we still have a responsibility to the truth. Justice may be called upon at the end of the month when Jupiter turns retrograde. Order in the court must be upheld for alternatives, insights and ideas to be heard and considered. The role of justice is to equate both sides and suspend judgment while in pursuit and service of the truth.

Imagination and desire are generous and affectionate: they are the qualities of philanthropy and usually make lasting contributions to society: we all have these assets. It is important that we do not allow stagnation and suspicion to fester: certainty is not as important as the pursuit of truth. As we bring our passion and spirit to the light of the intellect we may find our optimism and be released from the despair associated with a divided sense of self.

The August full Moon in Aquarius on August 13th will interact with Venus and Mercury in Leo. This combination can offer emotional progress in both the personal and professional life. The watery emotive moon will bathe in the air of Aquarius’ vision and originality. Air signs govern the mental and intellectual realms, the enlightened Aquarian Moon can help to release rigid and emotional thought patterns and assist with un-emotional indifference: which we must use to foster reason.

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Michelsen, N.: American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2nd Edition (1997)

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