London Calling

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The Urban Campfire- "How is London the morning after?"
Zowie Broach - "Well that is the surreal thing. Everything is close to normal but the news is full , with constant debating and politicizing just adding fuel. Discussions of racism with stop & search, police budgets not to be cut but with no-money anywhere what else is there to do? The police that are already under investigation due to bribery with News  Corp. Does this get sidelined? How do we fully understand what the issues are without various politicians using it as a route to satisfying their political needs?  And all those feelings.  Intensity, anger, the not knowing. All football games cancelled. Possible curfews. Rubber bullets.  And that's just what we see.  Where it will go will depend on the next few days and then the next few weeks and months. How organized can these gangs be, utilizing the weak spots as they did last night?  Every jail cell is full in London.  Meanwhile, how will our communities  respond and rally and will we have the strength and ability to change what is needed?  It is like someone turned on a light illuminating the undercurrent of total distrust and unrest. We knew it was there and were sometimes tempted to have that falling down moment ourselves, but now watching it unfold and then explode...  Where will it go in times like these is worrying to say the least."
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