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Occupy The New Year          2012

The Urban Campfire is a monthly celebration of the creativity, experiences, tastes and wonders of the greater community that we live in. It's the stories you are already living. Twice a year, in January and July, we take a break to breathe and reflect on where we are at right now. We ask for a picture that represents how you are feeling. A portrait from yourself as opposed to of yourself. Thank You to all of you who answered the call and shared.  Keep The Fire burning!



Henriette Ohno

Donna Ting Ho

Zowie Broach

Scott Campbell

Marcello Virkel

Olimpia Dior


Tate Overton

Stephen Franco

Michelle Stern

Nicole Spiridakis

Nina Berott

Gail Westbrook 

Sarah Broach

Pam Ito

Duncan Raymond

Tasha Jakush

Carlton Jones

Loam Disher

Gregg Hubbard

Santo D'Asaro

Emma Schofield

S as in Frank

Kate Moran

Randy Hearst

Jared Abramson

Donna Goldman

Leigh Anne O'Conner

Markie Ruzzo

Brian Kirkby

Laura Miller

The Urban Campfire

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Monica Garza

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