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On December 8th, 2011, moments before taking the stage to pay homage to their fallen idol, a trio of newly minted musical allies sat down to share something they never had before.... a pizza.  Brought together by their communal love of John Lennon, pop songs, and pizza, they forged an unspoken bond - a bond as strong as the ones only cheese, sauce, and dough can create.  Having met only a few days prior to this monumental moment in their lives, they had instantly formed a strong musical partnership through their tireless rehearsal of Lennon songs.  So natural was their bond that without a word they knew a band would be formed in the future.
A few months later, with all three units permanently rooted in Brooklyn, Poor Kids was born.  Sparked by the inspiration of each others newfound company,  several songs were produced in their first writing session.  Not more than two weeks later, eager to share their new vision with the world, they unleashed their first single “Desert Eagle”, a punchy synth pop dreamscape.  Steeped in ethereal harmony, and a throbbing beat, the lonely howl a lovesick lullably beneath a seductive moon.





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