Lilith and Hunger

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This is my first writing for the UC.  I thought I’d come up with a catchy title that would relate to a theme and then write on that each month.  That’s the kind of thing I do – work at refining cleverness and then putting words to an idea.  My main gig is as an astrologer and channel, so most of what I’ll share here will be inspired by one of those two bodies of knowledge.  There’s some astrology at the end of this so you can see the kind of thing I do.  Future months will have more.

What’s on my mind this week doesn’t fit with any theme I’d want to stick to.  So in the spirit of presence I’ll share where I am and what’s been going down over here in my world.

Last week I released an astrology/mythology book on Lilith, a misunderstood and maligned archetype, Lilith: Healing the Wild.  Many have never heard of her and those who have haven’t heard good things.  She’s said to be the mother of all demons and that she’s out to exact revenge on humanity and in particular men and babies.  She’s blamed for nocturnal emission, actually.  It’s said that she sneaks into the bed of a man who sleeps alone (read “is not married”) and makes him waste his seed.  And that’s not even the start of what it's said she’s doing to mess us up.

But in fact she offers us the chance to connect to ourselves as extensions of nature and the Earth itself.  A lot of work over the last seven years went into the book.  When it was complete I thought I’d celebrate.

Normally that might be with a dinner out with my girlfriend over which we would celebrate the teaching and the release of the printed version of it.  We’d chatter back and forth about details and we’d laugh joyously at a job well done – and one that took four years to get done.  It would probably have featured margaritas at a Mexican place because that seems to be something we like doing.  But for this celebration I decided instead to get closer to Lilith, a lower-chakra archetype that offers us instinctive wisdom all the time.  The issue is that we tend not to listen to it.

After a few days of modified fasting to get closer to Lilith, which you can read about in my blog at, I remembered this long-term meditation on hunger I’ve been in and out of for years.  At some point it became apparent that if we’re always full or sated in the food and drink department  we cannot hear the wisdom of the natural world as it exists in our own bodies.

This week I’ve been thinking about hunger and why we’re afraid to let ourselves get hungry.  I was reminded of the fact that deep within many people is a fear of survival, which is sourced in a mistrust of life, the universe, gods and goddesses, and the planet itself.  There was a shift a few thousand years ago wherein we stopped trusting the Earth to be a protective mother.  We let our minds take over in order to protect ourselves and figure out the right ways to live and and and … fast forward to 2012: We can’t hear the wisdom of our bodies because our minds tell us when, what, how, how much, and why to eat.

It’s a racket, this mind control.  Oh, that phrase calls up something, doesn’t it?  There is however zero reason to worry about others controlling your mind when your mind is what controls you.  The training and conditioning we absorb in order to turn out to be productive members of society has us in various cases forgetting, overruling, ignoring, misinterpreting, and dissing the wisdom of the body.

My original intention to celebrate the completion of the book was to do a longish juice fast.  That’s not happening.  But through shifting when and what I eat – even going almost two days at a time without eating– I’ve been able to reawaken hunger in my physical body.

And all of this is to share that this is an important tool for all of us.  Choosing to go without food now and then will wake up parts of you that you need to navigate your world in conscious ways.  It brings you to be alert.  It diverts energy normally used for digestion to healing processes and your GI tract gets a rest.  It also makes you appreciate what you consume in a new way because of the fact of having it once more but also because your taste buds will wake up and feel refreshed after not eating.  You’ll feel clearer about what tastes good to you and what doesn’t, and you’ll be less inclined to sauce everything up so you can’t really taste what you’re eating.  And all of these things will help you be aware of the fact that your body is constantly trying to steer you toward healthy foods that it will love and thrive with if you eat them.

Right now the transiting Sun in Gemini is conjunct – or next to/joined with – the true Black Moon Lilith, the primary of the two Liliths I use in astrology charts.  This puts the giant flashlight in the sky (Sun) on instinct and the wisdom of the natural world (Lilith) and it’s happening in the sign of learning, communicating, new information, enlarging perspective, and curiosity (Gemini).

Right now there is an interesting opportunity to gain insight into what’s happening in your body.  I’m talking about how it processes food, how it reacts to your living situation and relationships, how your sleep schedule and details work and don’t work, and things like how that coworker with the loud mouth grates you at your core.  Our bodies are constantly telling us how things in our lives are going – constantly.  The trick is to be willing to listen.  The Sun and Lilith traveling together in Gemini invite us to let the mind do its thing but not dominate any part of our lives – it doesn’t have all the info we need to do what we need and want to do.  And don’t let it fool you.  It’s very convincing that it has all the info and perspectives that you need.

Check in with the messages of your body now and you’ll be checking in with nature and the smarts of the Earth as they exist within you.

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