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Maybe in the Morning, my first EP of all original material, is a labor of love that was
in the works for the past year and a half and released on July 12th 2012. The album is
comprised of six songs that range between genres of pop, rock, jazz and folk.
Why “Maybe in the Morning”? The title of the EP gets its name from the first track and
single from the album. The common thread that weaves these six diverse songs together
is the subject of time. Each track in its own unique way deals with timing, expectation,
indecision, projecting into the future or clinging to something from the past. All of the
songs came into fruition during different stages of an exciting, emotional, and somewhat
tumultuous yet amazing period of musical and personal growth in my life.

It’s difficult for me to categorize this EP, and for that matter myself as a singer, into one
specific genre. My varied musical experiences present themselves at different points
throughout this album. With a jazz guitarist as a father I grew up singing Cole Porter,
Hoagy Carmichael, Rogers and Hart and Gershwin songs. Before concentrating on my
own material I sang at weddings and events across New England and recorded two
full-length jazz albums. Resultantly, a lot of the melodies and harmonic choices in my
own songs (perhaps the fifth track “September” in particular) are influenced by my
experiences as a jazz vocalist.
While I was a junior in college at The New School I joined a Brooklyn based rock band
called Cheers to Fall as the lead singer. I’ve probably never had more fun in my life.
We played all over the city, released a five song EP and toured down the east coast
to Texas for a 2011 SXSW Showcase. Ultimately it wasn’t the right fit for me or my
voice but being in the band made me a better songwriter and performer. I continue to
collaborate with the lead guitarist/songwriter/producer from Cheers to Fall, Anthony
Farina (, on my new material. We have similar approaches to
songwriting and work together well as a collective unit, building off of each other to
propel a song to its fullest potential.
It was last year that I picked up a ukulele, moving in the exact opposite direction of rock
music I suppose, and spent much of the summer on my rooftop in Greenwich Village
writing happy, hopeful tunes (hard to write much else with a uke!). “From the Roof”
and “Pennies” are the two ukulele tracks that made it onto the EP, adding some cheerful
folk/pop into the mix.

In terms of the recording process the whole EP was very much a collaborative effort. I recorded half of the tunes in Vermont and half in New York. Nine amazingly talented musicians from Vermont, New York City and Atlanta played on the album.

In order to fund the project I decided to do a Kickstarter Campaign and received overwhelming support from family, friends and strangers.
Continual thanks to all of my lovely
Kickstarter backers. Check out the campaign here:
I’m so excited about this album and hope you enjoy listening! Check out my website or
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