Scott's Cheezy Super Bowl Pigskin Delite!

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We all know that it doesn't really matter who wins or loses this Sunday, because the Super Bowl is all about the food!
Here is an easy to make recipe for my crowd pleasing "Pigskin Cheese Ball".


4 x 8 oz boxes cream cheese
5 x packs of Carl Buddig pre sliced corned beef
8 x chopped green onions
1 x bag of crushed pork rinds
Cayenne Pepper and Garlic Salt to taste
1. Cut the corned beef into to slices roughly 1/4 inch wide and 1 inch long (reserving a 5" slice to be used for the laces).
2. In a bowl mix well all ingredients except the pork rinds
3. On a plate using a rubber spatula form the cream cheese mixture into a flat bottomed football shape.  
4. Cover the cheese ball with the crushed pork rinds
5. Cut the reserved slice of corned beef into one long and 3 short pieces to from the football laces.  
6. Serve with Ritz, triscuits, or any other favorite crackers.  
*Editor's note -- Enjoyed best with a 49ers victory!
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