G.J. Dowding Issue: Section:

I find moments of peace

standing along shores muddled long

in ancestry.

I am Alone

with my simple thoughts,

fully aware of the weight,

the immense depth procured through


The cool water’s edge breeze

holds me.

Comforts me.

All is quiet,

yet so alive.



The squish of the soil beneath

melts into my soles. 

I glance outward 

at the rippling water:

A fellow body caressed

by the swish of the wind. 

I wish to connect;

to submerge boundaries…

Certain the water will

support me

I reach out,

longing for the embrace.






I feel the sweet and supple sting.

My body grows moist…

Grows wet…

Is drenched!

My skin is leaking all over,

merging with the murky water. 

They seem interchangeable.

One bleeding into the other:

The perfect mixture, 

an anointed hybrid of


The splash of water dances

around my ears

as melodically as a lullaby.

I am being seduced!

Caressingly rinsed

by the swooning water,

my mind suddenly seems so

clean, so pure.

I am surrounded.

I am at peace.

All is quiet and still.

I left my breath as a gift

to the wind.




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