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Death Pesos is a power trio hellbent on producing drum heavy roots metal.  With a deep sound influenced by 1960s psychedelic grooves, and 70s hard-rock riffs, the band brings to stage the golden sounds of their own-- as they have been doing since their formation in Burlington, VT in 2007.  A live show from Death Pesos is comparable to a religious experience, as the beating blasts of cannons and the clear, humming grit of tube amplified speakers thump the air, brushing through the room like mythical Pheonix wings.

The drummer, Chris Egner, is a powerhouse behind his vintage Ludwig kit, and is undeniably the beating heart of the band.  The drummer in Death Pesos is responsible for many of the band's best riffs and song ideas, and is simply tasteful about his madness behind the kit.

Pete Schluter is the guitarist and studio brain of the group.  From tailoring tones on records, to crafting tastefully psychedelic guitar lines, to bullying the strings of his customized Giibson SG and Fender Telecaster on stage-- he brings more than just mind twisting guitar to the table.

In Death Pesos, the bass riffs and main vocals are laid down by Larry Frisoli, a bassist heavily inspired by Jack Bruce, Geezer Butler, Entwhistle,  Lemmy and Roger Waters.   In every song, a taste of British flavour'd of roots metal.  He delivers hard-ripping low end melodies, and he sings while doing it.

Between these three musicians the sounds and soul of old rock music is manifested, yet Death Pesos is a rock band from a more modern era, unequivocally apart from classic rock.  Such is the band known as                                         



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