The Super Highway to Enlightenment

Stephen Franco Issue: Section:

Recently scientists from the University of  Washington conducted a study where they connected two brains via the internet. In one room the first subject sat in front of a video game screen. In another room, in a different building, the second subject was given the video game controller. Somehow these two individuals synced up and played the game. We all have experienced the phenomena of same thought syndrome, you know that moment where we think, ‘Oh, I need to give James this…’ and the next moment James calls you. Is it sophisticated or primal? Maybe it is because you know James so well and of course he would be thinking of you too. But what happens when you put two strangers in two separate rooms and expect them to team together and play a video game? Are we all really that connected? Is this why all of us are wearing blue all of a sudden? What is collective consciousness and if it can be picked up via wi-fi what does that mean about technology in general? Now I know, that is a lot of questions and maybe the answers are way more complex than anyone can put into words. I like to think that there is something cosmic in the great unknown that we call the internet. That somehow the inner space and the outer space are really this bolt of electricity that goes beyond a power plant. Maybe technology is more visceral than we give it credit for. To get spooky, or not spooky but deep, this whole theory could be taken to the Genesis story. If God created us and all that surrounds us, and he made us in his image and we in turn can now create things, in our own image, then we, in some way, are becoming the egg before the chicken. Maybe we made ourselves and slowly the rest of the universe is beginning to show us what we are really capable of.


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