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Below is a copy of an email I sent to the Missoula county sheriffs Dept. and the Montana state office of fish and wildlife. would have also sent it to USFW, but they don't have an email address I could find. go figure.....

 To Whom It May Concern, 

As an American citizen, I find it absolutely deplorable that after a dog was shot your agencies find no further need for investigation into the shooting of a domesticated dog. I am disgusted at all three agencies, The Missoula County Sheriffs Dept., Montana State Fish and Wildlife, and US Fish and Wildlife.

How can any of you feel there is no cause for further investigation? You have allowed a hunting license and wolf permit to be issued to a person who obviously is a irresponsible hunter without the ability to identify wildlife. although I do believe this was an accidental shooting, I can't understand why you would not find the shooter and revoke his hunting license, wolf permit, and confiscate his guns until he shows a complete ability to identify his target, through attendance of hunting education courses and/or some other form of provable measures that assure you are not putting a license into the hands of a complete moron. I am an avid outdoorsman and can identify any animal within 50-75 yards without optics, and using optics anything else within shooting range.

I also don't understand why this person was allowed to hunt so close to a muti-use recreational area. I live in NYS and all state campgrounds and multi-use facilities have signs at their boundary warning hunters of the potential for people, other than hunters to be there and that hunting within the boundaries is illegal. If you have these laws then this should be your reasoning for further investigation and arrest. If you don't, then I'm even more disgusted with the State of Montana. Just because there is a hunting season going shouldn't mean that other outdoor enthusiasts should have to stay home during it, and not be able to enjoy what they get out of being outdoors. AND, that goes for their pets too!!!

I will close by saying that if anyone shoots in my direction, at my dog ( a husky that everyone who meets her says she looks like a small wolf), only 20 yrds from me, I will take that as a direct threat to my life and defend myself and property (dog) to whatever end it needs to be until I feel the threat is gone. I hope you understand this. I don't only apply this point to Montana, but any other state that I visit.

Wolf hunting anywhere in this country is unnecessary, being as there are many other options. All you've done is cause a man to lose his best friend, and you are allowing inexperienced, irresponsible hunters to roam the woods with guns. The one who shot this dog is still out there!!!! Nice job Montana!! I've visited your state and found it to be a place full of proud Americans. Well, owning a dog and taking it out for a walk is as American as apple pie and baseball.

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