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As a kid, airlines were always fascinating to me. I remember building model planes and spaceships incessantly, my interest peaked with the fastest jet-fighters and rockets. As a teen, the draw of Trans World Airlines, Pan Am and later Eastern (mainly due to a cool ground crew jacket that I still wear occasionally), were probably based on the mystery of flight, how special it was to be able to fly occasionally with my family and the futuristic bent that seemed to go with flight technology.

In October, a friend posted a status checking into interest about an Open House for the Trans World Airlines Flight Center at John F. Kennedy airport in Queens, I immediately leapt at the chance. The design, by architect Eero Saarinen, opened in 1962 and seamlessly blended the TWA brand and beautiful thoughtfulness. A shutterbug's dream, I spent hours trying to grab every conceivable curve, angle and hidden nook.

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