PRIMA PRIMO : In the Director's Chair

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Music videos have always been a big thing with Jatina and I. As kids I remember so many hours spent sitting in our grandfather's house, these two young and impressionable cousins drinking in every moment of MTV. There has always been something amazing and tantalizing about the music video format: its rebelliousness, the sense of fashion, and the excessive need for drama.  I know that those years formed quite a bit of what we are today. I can still remember the day that I bought my first video camera. I was 12 years old, it was my biggest purchase as a youth. It was one of those clunky JVC models, all dark grey with a battery that was nearly half the size of the machine itself. I was in HEAVEN, filming everything... finding my early muses, who I tortured into visions that were exquisite, simple, and sometimes element defying. I remember being a young tyrant saying things like "quiet, the water isn't so cold! Now turn your face to the right and try to look dreamy." During these early years, Jatina and I were not making original music yet, that would come later. I remember dressing her up and filming a lot of lip syncing types of things and interviews... You know, to prepare for our adulthood. We both obviously knew that being entertainers and artists was part of our life path.Now that we are adults we have become those artists that we prepared ourselves to be in childhood. We have created an entire lifestyle out of making music, live performance, and visual art. As PRIMA PRIMO it is easy for us to make a world that speaks on our behalf. We have signature themes and looks that run throughout our body of work and we are proud of it but we do not want to limit what we do to just our own art, we want to share. A lot of this sharing has come back to a format we hold close to our hearts, the music video. Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to be able to make music videos for other musicians we know and admire. Most of those experiences have been great and incredibly inspiring. We have had some fun experiences making films for others: from running around a little town in Switzerland with an all girl punk band as they terrorize the locals, to dressing up like another musician and acting in his music video for him, and most recently spending a day inside a satanist art gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan while playing around with fog and lasers (with our other partner in crime: the photographer Josiah Shelton). All these experiences have been vastly different yet familiar. I am still the tyrant saying, "hold your head under water and just give me a few dreamy turns", the difference now is that Jatina will nod at them and explain that it is all for the greater vision. 

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